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We respond to the challenges of today’s market with a young and active entrepreneurial vision.

We especially focus on customer service, as we consider it to be an essential element of any business. We offer outstanding consulting services, especially with a view to streamlining the purchase of raw materials, which translates into saving time, money and warehousing space.

  1. & S. METALLTRADE is a key partner when it comes to a providing comprehensive and innovative service and our Company offers customers high-tech products, extensive know-how and helps cut down on costs.

We are a trusted and skilled partner for the supply of:

Bronze alloys in accordance with standard EN 1982

  • Bronze round and flat bars in continuous casting.
  • Bronze shells and centrifuged moulds with a diameter of up to 1350 mm.
  • Precision machining and special design finishes with a diameter ranging from 20 to 1350 mm.

Brass alloys OT 63, OT 67, OT 58 (CW614N; CW617N; CW602N)

  • Brass wires and plates
  • Drawn and extruded brass bars: round, hexagonal, square.

Copper wires and plates

  • Copper wires and plates for constructionDHP
  • Copper wires and plates for general use ETP

Austenitic, Martensitic stainless steel 

  • Stainless steel sheets Aisi 304 – 304L – 316L – 316 Ti 321 – 309 – 310 – 430
  • Steel wires and strips
  • Elongated steel products: solid round, bored and flat bars 

 Non-alloyed steels for structural applications

  • Iron coil sheets
  • Iron coils

 Pre-coated and galvanised flattened laminates

  • Pre-coated coils, wires and sheets – EN 10169-1
  • Coils, wires and sheets EN 10142: for cold forming and moulding
  • Coils, sheets and sheets EN 10147: for structural applications


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